Revealing the State of International Schools Websites in Southeast Asia: Monsido's Benchmark Report 2023

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is an absolute must for educational institutions who want to stay relevant, engage with students and staff, and effectively showcase their offerings and achievements. To assess the performance, accessibility, and quality of international school websites in Southeast Asia, Monsido conducted an in-depth analysis that has now been released as a comprehensive benchmark report for 2023.

The report delves into crucial aspects such as web accessibility, content quality assurance, response time, performance, and search engine optimization (SEO). Join us as we explore the key findings from the report and discover how international schools can enhance their online presence and provide exceptional website experiences for their stakeholders.

Web Accessibility Findings

Web accessibility is a vital aspect of ensuring an inclusive and accessible online experience for all users. Monsido's benchmark report reveals that while progress has been made in terms of content quality and SEO, web accessibility remains a significant challenge for many international schools. In Asia, approximately 700 million people live with some form of disability, which emphasizes the vital importance of ensuring digital accessibility in this region. However, the report highlights that the average accessibility score for international schools in Southeast Asia was just above the recommended threshold at 70.61%. It is clear that efforts must continue to prioritize accessibility in web development to cater to students, employees, and their families with diverse needs.

Content Quality Assurance Findings

Engaging website visitors with high-quality content is crucial for international schools. Monsido's benchmark report unveils that there is significant room for improvement in delivering consistent and exceptional content quality. The average content quality score across all tested international school websites in Southeast Asia was just 57.1%. However, several institutions deserve recognition for their outstanding effort in raising the bar for content quality assurance. 100 Lambs International School and North London Collegiate School (Singapore) led the pack with exceptional scores of 100%, followed closely by Tanglin Trust, The British International School, Singapore, which scored an impressive 99.56%. By investing in content creation, curation, and review processes, international schools can effectively communicate their unique value propositions and enhance the user experience.

Response Time Findings

In the fast-paced digital landscape, website speed plays a critical role in user satisfaction and SEO rankings. Monsido's benchmark report reveals that international schools have room for improvement in optimizing their websites for quick and seamless performance. The average response time for the tested websites in Southeast Asia was 1448.23 milliseconds, well above the recommended threshold of 200 milliseconds. However, there are exceptional performers that have prioritized website performance. Australian International School, Malaysia leads the way with an outstanding response time of just 77 milliseconds, followed by Australian International School, Singapore and St Andrews International School Bangkok with response times of 81 milliseconds and 87 milliseconds, respectively. These institutions demonstrate the value of monitoring performance and ensuring a positive user experience.

SEO Findings

To maximize online visibility and attract prospective students and stakeholders, international schools must prioritize SEO. Monsido's benchmark report shows that while the top performers excelled in SEO with scores above 90%, the average SEO score for all international schools in Southeast Asia was 81.04%. This indicates that there is room for improvement in optimizing websites for search engines. By employing effective SEO strategies such as optimizing tags, improving internal linking, and resolving broken links, international schools can increase their online visibility and reach a wider audience.

Performance Findings

An exceptional website performance is crucial for providing an outstanding user experience. Monsido's benchmark report reveals that international schools in Southeast Asia have ample room for improvement in terms of performance. The average desktop performance rating was just 52.09 out of 100. To inspire and guide international schools on their journey towards exceptional performance, the report highlights the top five performers, with XCL World Academy (XWA) claiming the top spot.

Overall Findings

Monsido's benchmark report on international school websites in Southeast Asia has shed light on several crucial areas for improvement. While there have been commendable efforts in content quality assurance, and SEO, web accessibility, response time, and performance still present significant challenges for many institutions. The average scores in these areas indicate a need for greater attention and investment to ensure inclusive experiences, faster website speeds, and optimal performance. However, the report also highlights exemplary performers that serve as role models for other educational organizations to learn from and emulate.

Final Thoughts: Empowering Educational Organizations

The Monsido benchmark report serves as a valuable resource for international educational organizations, providing insights into the current state of international school websites in Southeast Asia. It underscores the importance of prioritizing web accessibility, content quality assurance, response time, SEO, and performance to deliver exceptional online experiences.

By acknowledging the areas that require improvement and drawing inspiration from the top performers, international educational institutions can take proactive steps to enhance their digital presence. Investing in web development, content creation, and continuous monitoring will empower schools to effectively engage with their stakeholders, attract prospective students, and reinforce their commitment to excellence in education. With a strong online presence, educational organizations can shape the future of learning and make a positive impact in the lives of students and the communities they serve.

Read the benchmark report.

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