Key Findings From Our Danish Pension Funds Benchmark Report

Monsido has analysed the state of Danish pension funds' websites, looking at how they measured up in terms of accessibility, quality assurance, SEO, response time and performance.

We achieved this by scanning a sample of 500 pages from the main publicly facing websites of the 20 Danish Pension Funds Websites using Monsido’s Web Governance software during a one-week period in November 2022.

Once the scans were complete, we calculated the overall website champions based on their average (weighted) ranking in all categories, prioritizing web accessibility, then content quality assurance, response time, SEO, and overall performance. Let's examine some of the key findings from our benchmark report...

Accessibility Findings

Accessible websites make it possible for anyone, regardless of age, digital proficiency, or disabilities, to use your website and access its content. Monsido performed a scan of Danish pension fund websites to look for any potential problems that could obstruct web accessibility.

The average accessibility score for Danish pension fund websites stood at just 69.93%, with Monsido advising a score of 70% or above to prove a path to compliance. It is worth noting that all the top 5 sites recorded scores above the 70% threshold, however.

While pension funds are not currently required to meet any legal compliance standards, they will be required to comply with the upcoming EAA legislation by 2025.

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Quality Assurance Findings

Monsido’s Content Quality Assurance module looks for misspellings, broken links, broken images, and readability issues. By taking on quality assurance, websites can decrease bounce rates, increase conversions, and improve SEO, helping your members to more easily find the information they need about their pension.

When it comes to quality assurance, the average score was 74.03%, however all of the top 5 websites deserve special praise for registering quality assurance scores well above the average, with the top two websites achieving a highly impressive and commendable 100% compliance score.

Pension fund websites are vital for members who are looking to find important information about their pension savings, available insurances, and more. Things such as broken links and misinformation can cause unnecessary frustration.

Response Time Findings

Having a fast-loading website is critical not only for user experience but also for SEO, as it is a Google ranking metric. Monsido’s Heartbeat module allows websites to monitor their performance to ensure a smooth user experience for their visitors and avoid any potential frustrations.

The average Response Time for Danish pension fund websites was 466 ms. We recommend that websites score under 200 ms to be considered an excellent performer. Once again however, the top 5 Danish pension fund websites can be proud of their impressive response time results, with each falling well under our recommended response time of 220 ms.

SEO Findings

On-page SEO still plays a major role in search engine rankings. Having common errors like missing H1 tags, broken links, and too many internal links on a page can harm a websites’ rankings and visitor experience.

In terms of SEO, the average score for Danish pension fund websites was 82.60%. Yet again, the top five websites deserve special praise for leading the way in this area, with each registering scores of 90% and above.

It is important that pension fund website are easily findable, so that new members can either join or existing members find the information they need.

Performance Findings

Undertaking a pulse check on a website’s overall website performance score (0-100) based on Google Light House and Core Web Vitals is vital, as this provides a comprehensive understanding of all measures that can affect a site's performance based on a particular visitor’s location, network speed, and device.

Perhaps most notable among our findings was that the average performance score for Danish pension funds was just 52.15, which is markedly low, as we recommend that websites aim to score between 90-100. In fact, only one of the top 5 websites recorded a score above 90 for website performance.

“It is clear that Danish Pension Fund’s still have some way to go, when looking at their performance across different locations, network speeds and devices. It should definitely be a focus point, as it not only affects their overall user experience, but also affect how easily they are to be found by search engines. Neglecting website performance can in the end result in losing customers to competitors. With the availability of web governance tools, such as Monsido, there is no reason that all pension fund websites should not always perform optimally” says Christian Lund, Sales Manager - Europe

Final Thoughts

The Overall category highlights the best-performing Danish pension funds' websites for Web Accessibility, Content Quality Assurance, Response Time, Performance and SEO.

The industry benchmark revealed that the Top 5 Websites Overall belonged to PensionDanmark, PFA Pension, Arkitekternes Pensionskasse, PJD Pension, and ISP Pension. Top performers in the other benchmarked categories are detailed in the report.

The above five websites all received high overall ranking. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

While the top five Danish pension funds’ websites each achieved high overall rankings and deserve much praise for this, it is equally clear that improvements still need to be made in the industry in general, particularly in the area of performance, where the average score falls well below our recommended threshold for websites.

For more insights, see the full benchmark report and rankings on the Monsido website.

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