The Importance of Website Accessibility and How to Get Buy-In for a New Tool

In today's digital age, having an accessible website is not only an ethical and legal obligation, but also a smart business move. Creating an accessible website can not only help you connect with a wider audience and improve user experience but also help position your organization as a socially responsible leader in your sector. However, investing in a new tool to monitor and improve website accessibility may require some hard facts and a little persuasive finesse to get everyone in your organization on board. 

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Why You Need an Accessibility Tool

So, why does your organization need a website accessibility tool? Well, for starters, many countries and regions now have laws and regulations that require website accessibility for both public and private sector organizations. Failing to comply can result in lawsuits, fines, and reputational damage. A tool that can monitor and improve website accessibility will help your organization meet its legal and regulatory obligations, reducing the risk of costly litigation and penalties. 

That's not all. An accessible website can increase your reach by making your content available to a broader audience, including those with disabilities. This can lead to higher website traffic, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue from new customers. Not only that, but an accessible website can improve user experience for all users, leading to increased engagement, longer visit durations, and higher conversion rates. 

Investing in a tool to monitor and improve website accessibility not only aligns with corporate social responsibility initiatives but can also enhance your organization's reputation as an inclusive and socially responsible entity. It sends a positive message to customers, employees, and other stakeholders about your organization's values and commitment to online equity. 

But how do you get key stakeholders in your organization to invest in a website accessibility tool? Let’s take a look at some key tips and strategies.  

Some Key Tips for Obtaining Stakeholder Buy-In

If you're looking to convince stakeholders in your organization to invest in a website accessibility tool, as with any investment, you should be prepared to encounter some level of resistance or pushback. However, with the right approach, you can make a compelling case that demonstrates the business benefits of an accessible website and the return on investment that a new tool can provide.  

Tip 1. Educate and excite: Provide key stakeholders with information about website accessibility, including relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines. Highlight the benefits of accessible websites, including increased reach, improved user experience, and enhanced reputation. Use real-world examples and case studies to demonstrate the business value of website accessibility. 

Tip 2. Involve others early: Involve key stakeholders in the decision-making process from the beginning. Seek their input and feedback on the need for a new tool to monitor and improve website accessibility. Try to understand their concerns and address them proactively. 

Tip 3. Provide evidence: Use data and metrics to support your case. Conduct an accessibility audit of your website to identify current accessibility issues and demonstrate the need for a tool to monitor and improve accessibility. Try using benchmarking data to compare your organization's accessibility performance against industry standards and direct competitors. 

Tip 4. Demonstrate return-on-investment (ROI): Prepare a business case that outlines the costs and benefits of purchasing a new website accessibility tool. Highlight the potential cost savings from early detection and remediation of accessibility issues, increased website traffic, higher customer satisfaction, and improved reputation. Use financial projections and other relevant metrics to quantify the ROI of the investment. 

Time for Action

By investing in a new tool to monitor and improve your website’s accessibility, you can effectively meet legal and regulatory obligations, increase your reach, enhance user experience, and improve your organization's reputation as a socially responsible leader.

We hope that the above strategies equip you with all the tools you need to make a compelling case for investing in a website accessibility solution and more confidently advocate for the importance of website accessibility to others.

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