Web Accessibility in 2019

Monsido’s goal is to provide a good user experience to all users, and web accessibility is an important aspect of this for a significant part of the population

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Web Accessibility

This simply means that your website – and everything on it – can be used by anyone. For example, some people with visual impairment issues use screen readers, while others who are unable to use a mouse rely on adaptive technology to access the web. If your website is accessible, then everyone will be able to access and use your website in a meaningful way.

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What are the Implications for Your Organization?

Beyond meeting legal requirements and avoiding the threat of legal repercussion, there are many fringe benefits that your organization can enjoy by building an accessible website. These include increased audience, lower bounce rate, SEO benefits, improved user experience, and strengthening of brand awareness.

Web accessibility Solution

What is the Solution?

Our website accessibility tool ensures you do not fall behind on meeting internationally recognized web accessibility standards. Our intuitive Website Accessibility Checker gives you the ability to track your website. We can help you set up website standards and make accessibility issues a thing of the past.

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Who are We?

Monsido is an all-in-one website optimization platform for improving digital presence. We track your online accessibility issues and make sure your website meets the standards that apply to your organization and industry. We can help you avoid legal accessibility headaches and manage your website effectively.

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When you request a free scan, we will scan your website. One of our experts will call and show you what issues were found and how Monsido's automated platform can help you resolve them.

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