Our Tech Stack

Unlock the full potential of the Monsido platform with our powerful tech stack. We offer CMS integrations, an open API, and a robust browser extension to help you streamline data and optimize your daily workflow when working on your website.

An illustration of machine cogs next to graphs displaying analytics results inside the Monsido platform
Logos of major CMSs, applications and browsers that work with Monsido

CMS Integrations

Monsido’s CMS integrations work right out of the box, so you don’t have to involve your IT department in setting them up. Navigate from a flagged issue in Monsido directly to the specific page in your CMS with a simple click, or use the Monsido Browser Extension directly in major CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal, and more.

The Monsido Browser Extension

Available on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, the Monsido Browser Extension bypasses the need for users to review issues on the Monsido platform. Users can instead view certain issues highlighted directly on the page, making them easy to locate and resolve without having to log in.

Illustration of Monsido's Browser Extension
An illustration of machine cogs next to a laptop displaying the Monsido API

API Integration

Tailor our solution to your team’s needs. The Monsido API allows you to integrate the Monsido Platform into your own applications and build custom workflows and plugins.

Make Your Website Accessible

Achieve website accessibility compliance with the market’s most user-friendly solution! Monsido’s Accessibility solution provides automated, detailed site-wide scans to help you quickly find and fix issues.

Ready to make your site accessible?

Graphs and tables displaying analytics results inside the Monsido platform