Monsido for Managers

Empower your team to be efficient, accountable, and innovative.
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Empower your team to be efficient, accountable, and innovative.

  • Developing efficient processes
  • Resource allocation
  • Holding team members and departments accountable
  • Measuring success and reporting
  • Prioritizing tasks with their teams
  • Ensuring a seamless user experience
  • Keeping on top of innovation and trends

We understand the juggling act. Monsido makes Web Governance easy for Management.

Our Solution for Managers

  • Increase team efficiency

    Optimize resources by consolidating marketing, web, and digital tools in Monsido’s innovative platform. Ensure your team stays on top of website maintenance with Monsido’s automated scans and recommendations for addressing flagged errors effectively. Our platform can prioritize errors to ensure that duplicated issues or issues on your most visited pages are addressed first.

  • Improve accountability

    Increases transparency, collaboration, and accountability in your team by grouping and assigning website management tasks to relevant teams. For example, the Brand Manager could monitor brand and style guidelines with our Policies Module and the Web Manager could review WCAG 2.1 violations in our Accessibility Module.

  • Address regulatory compliance

    Monsido helps you automate finding and addressing branding, web accessibility, data privacy, regulatory, and industry compliance violations on your website so you can ensure consistency and compliance across all contributors and regions. For example, use Monsido’s Content Policies module to ensure license numbers and Terms and Conditions are listed on every page and use our Data Privacy add-on to take control of the data on your website.

  • Improve web accessibility

    Monsido’s Web Accessibility module scans your site to find any possible issues that may hinder web accessibility and gives recommendations on how to address them effectively. Scan for violations of WCAG, ADA, Section 508, AODA, and other legislation. Training, webinars, and support are all inclusive in our packages so your team can learn about web accessibility as they go.

  • Measure success and streamline reporting

    Monsido provides an intuitive dashboard, history center, and streamlined reports, that make it easy to measure success and report on KPIs. Get on demand and weekly reports sent to responsible people so nothing is missed and make data driven decisions in your website strategy.

Improve team performance and achieve your organization’s goals.

Get a free website scan and see how Monsido’s Website Governance tool works.

Trusted by Thousands of Managers

Monsido covers a lot of those holes in analytics. It’s very useful for reporting on the website and answering questions posed by stakeholders and senior management that traditional analytics can’t always answer.
Eric Rubio Chief Information Officer
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Their support team helped us ensure that the migration from our prior vendor was successful, helping ensure we could successfully launch the redesigned website on time. As we look to the future, we’re excited to use the Monsido platform to focus on making our website as accessible as possible for all citizens.
Kelly Ohvaer Customer Experience Manager
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