Monsido for Healthcare

Strengthen your brand reputation, maintain trustworthy website content, drive patient engagement, and stay at the top of your industry for compliance and information security.
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What We Do For Healthcare

A healthcare organization's most valuable asset is a well-structured and trustworthy website.

As a central source of information, your website needs to be organized, accessible, and provide patients with the best user experience possible.

Monsido’s web governance solution assists in optimizing the user digital experience, meeting your compliance goals, reducing the risk of data privacy leaks, and more.

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Manage content compliance & avoid data privacy leaks

Ensure your content is secure and accurate so patients and other stakeholders can use your website with confidence.

Our platform also allows you to stay one step ahead of content compliance requirements for your specific industry and region.

Create a better digital experience for patients

Monsido’s web governance solution is designed to tackle website challenges faced by healthcare organizations. 

Identify, assess, and monitor the quality assurance of your online content and services. Achieve higher search engine rankings with our powerful SEO module, and scan for accessibility issues that can affect both user experience and your organization’s reputation.

Overview of Benefits

Improve user

Remove barriers or errors that might deter potential patients; and build trust and loyalty by providing patients and stakeholders clear, accurate, and accessible content.

Reduce the risk of a data privacy leak

Ensure your content is secure and compliant with data privacy regulations, and that all references and links are secure and safe.

Provide an accessible website

Ensure all your web pages and documents are accessible for users with disabilities and from any device, including mobile phones.

Strengthen your brand reputation and recognition

Provide clear, up-to-date, and search-optimized content that informs, builds trust for patients and stakeholders, and aligns with your goals.

Stay on the top of content compliance

Ensure website content is medically accurate and compliant with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Medical Legal Regulatory (MLR), and other regulations in your region. 

Quickly remediate errors with time-saving tools

Increase your efficiency and speed up the correction of site wide errors, the prioritization of issues, and get recommendations for remediation.

Features That Healthcare Organizations Love

Monsido helps healthcare organizations improve their websites by offering the web governance tools needed to drive better digital experience for patients, and ensure compliance with information security, data privacy, and content regulations.

  • Accessibility

    Deliver a superior and inclusive experience for all website’s visitors. Get a real-time overview on web accessibility, PDF Accessibility, and mobile accessibility. Remove the guesswork and meet current accessibility standards (e.g. WCAG 2.2, ADA Section 508, EN 301 549, European Accessibility Act,and the Australian Disability Discrimination Act).

  • Content Policies

    Strengthen your website compliance with your branding rules and the following industrial regulations: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and (Medical Legal Regulatory (MLR).

  • Quality Assurance

    Build trustworthy content on your website by eliminating errors, misspellings, readability issues, and broken links.

    Decrease bounce rates, increase conversions, and improve your SEO, helping you to improve your digital experience and decrease in-person and on-phone costs.

  • SEO

    Reach your audience with high-ranking, quality content. Monsido’s easy-to-use SEO Module helps you stay proactive with your content and attract new patients and customers by picking up on SEO errors as they arise and finding pages with opportunities to optimize on your sites.

Want More Information on Accessibility?

Get the datasheet to learn more about the product and how you can benefit from it.

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