Referral Partner Program

Become an advocate for the Monsido platform and earn a commission for every referral that signs on as a customer.
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Why Referral Partners Choose Us

Hassle-free support from Monsido

The Monsido Team will take care of onboarding, training, and support. All you have to do is be our advocate!

Commission for every new customer

As a referral partner, you’ll earn commission for every new company or organization you refer that signs on with Monsido.

More opportunities to grow your service stack

Offer add-on services, such as website maintenance or health checks, to help your customers solve more complex errors.

Features That Referrals Love

The Monsido Platform features a wide range of features, but we’ve noticed that our referral partners particularly love highlighting:

  • Quality Assurance

    An error-free website is important for the user experience. With Monsido’s Quality Assurance tool, your customers can ensure that there are no broken links, images or spelling errors.

  • Accessibility

    Digital inclusivity starts with making your website accessible for everyone, regardless of ability. Monsido’s Accessibility module lets your customers monitor and maintain progress towards local web accessibility legislation, such as the ADA, Section 508, AODA and EU Web Accessibility Directive.

  • Content Policies

    Having multiple contributors to a website often results in a lack of content standardization. Monsido’s Policy tool helps your customers ensure compliance to brand, legal, style and regulatory standards across their website.

Become a Partner

Want to learn more about becoming a Monsido Partner? Let’s book a meeting to discuss how we can work together.

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What’s In It For You?

  • New Revenue Stream

    Set up a new, recurring revenue stream for your business by reselling, referring, or offering services based on the Monsido platform.
  • Training and Support

    We’ll make sure that you and your customers are fully-trained in our platform. Still need help? Our first-class support team is always ready to assist.
  • Sales and Marketing

    Work with our team to get started with co-branded activities, content collaboration, sales incentives, and more.
  • Tools & Resources

    Try the Monsido Platform and Page Assist™ on your own website, and get access to our partner resources including content, webinars, and more.

Some Of Our Partners

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See the Monsido Platform In Action

Before you commit to becoming a partner, let us show you how Monsido can benefit you and your clients.

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