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Optimere is the leading provider of digital compliance, accessibility, and records management solutions. Find out how your organization can benefit from our best-in-class software services.

Optimere Solutions for Archiving and Records Management

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ArchiveSocial is the most reliable social media and web archiving solution to remain compliant with public records laws and actively manage risk online and build trustworthy engagement with your audience.

Capture your social media presence in-context and in near-real-time, to manage and access your online data in one secure location, and quickly find and produce the content you need.

  • Have Peace of mind with streamlined documentation and active monitoring and custom alerts to detect emerging risks and eliminate surprises
  • Never lose data with near-real-time capture in-context and in full resolution even if it’s been edited, deleted, or hidden
  • Save time with smart filters and automated tags to quickly find answers and produce reports
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See how ArchiveSocial helped Duck, NC produce a request for all social media records related to a local bridge proposal.

“ArchiveSocial not only gives our PR team peace of mind with archiving, they also give us an entire toolbox of analytics, search, sentiment ratings, and more!.”

- Emily Garner, Public Information Officer and ArchiveSocial Customer

NextRequest is the country’s leading FOIA software, empowering governments to easily manage public records requests. State and local governments of all sizes rely on NextRequest to coordinate records requests cross-departmentally, to increase compliance, and to decrease costs associated with request management.

Agencies save time and increase transparency with our secure and easy-to-use software.

  • Simplify your records request management with tools that give you visibility into your workflow like reporting, automated reminders, and due-date tracking.
  • Reduce risk with built-in redaction, permissions, audit trails, and the new Risk Module that uses machine-learning to identify sensitive data in your documents and determine risk levels.
  • Increase self-service with request diversion, email automation, and robust publishing tools.
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See how NextRequest enabled the Minot County, North Dakota Police Department to streamline its records requests process and avoid drowning in requests.

“I estimate that I spend at least 50% less time fulfilling a request with NextRequest compared to how we were doing it before”.

- Janet Chapan, Sr. Deputy City Clerk and NextRequest Customer

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Discover how our three industry-leading solutions for web governance, social archiving, and records management can help optimize your digital presence.

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