Auditing is only the first part of the process. Now your team needs to be able to utilize this information in a smart way so important issues get fixed quickly and efficiently.

Fix important content first

Fix Important
Content First

Monsido determines which pages and content on your website are most important by the number of views and links pointing to them. Errors in this content will show up right in the dashboard. Fix these errors first to improve your website quickly.

See Errors Visually

With one click Monsido will take you to the specific page and highlight the errors found on it. You can even switch to our source mode and see the error highlighted in the code of the page. This makes it even easier to find and fix errors on specific pages.

Seo errors visually
CMS integration

CMS Integration

Monsido integrates with all content management systems. Your staff will be able to go directly from the Monsido dashboard to your CMS quickly to fix errors right on the pages where they are found.

Request a Demo

When you request a demo, we will scan your site. During the demo, we will show you what errors were found and how Monsido's automated Platform can help you resolve them.

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