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Web Accessibility - ADA Compliance

Monsido is revolutionizing the way websites get in ADA compliance with WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 web accessibility standards. Ensure a Good Web Experience for ALL Users.

Accessibility for all users

How Monsido Streamlines Accessibility

Monsido will scan your website on a weekly basis to find any possible issues which may hinder accessibility or result in an ADA violation. In the Monsido dashboard, you can immediately get an overview of how your website is doing in terms of accessibility, including a total count of all accessibility issues and how many pages they occur on.


Not all sectors need to meet the same compliance levels. Monsido allows you to choose whether you want to check for WCAG 2.0 or Section 508 accessibility issues.


WCAG 2.0 issues are broken down by level (A, AA, and AAA). Fix the low-level compliance issues first to make sure you avoid lawsuits and your website is providing a good experience for everyone. As necessary, you can work your way up to higher levels of compliance to build a website which serves as a role model for other websites in your industry.

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert to Build an Accessible Website

Monsido understands that website roles are changing. Now, even non-technical team members are taking part in the governance of websites. Many of these team members, such as editors and designers, might not have a vast understanding of what web accessibility is or how to get in compliance. Monsido was designed with these users in mind. The goal isn’t just to show you where accessibility errors are, but rather to simplify the process so all users can fix issues with confidence.

Complete List of Guidelines Lets You See Where Compliance Issues Are Occurring

The tool gives you a comprehensive list of every single guideline and shows you the number of errors, warnings, and reviews which are needed for each guideline. You’ll be able to see which areas you are excelling in and which areas need more attention. You can use this information to establish new policies and ensure that accessibility issues never occur again in the future.

Not Sure How to Fix an Issue?
The Monsido Help Center Will Guide You through the Process

Because most website admins aren’t experts on accessibility, Monsido includes a Help Center. If you aren’t sure how to fix an issue, just click on the Help Center icon for that issue and you will get detailed information about the compliance issue, instructions of how to fix it, and even examples of code which pass and fail.

Integrates with Your CMS to Save You Time

Fixing accessibility issues couldn’t be easier with Monsido. Just choose the issue you want to fix and go directly to the page on your CMS to start editing. Monsido will also highlight the issue right in the HTML so you don’t waste time scanning through code. If you aren’t sure how to fix the issue, you can always check with the Help Center for instructions on how to proceed.

With Monsido,
Web Governance is in Your Hands

The goal of Monsido isn’t just to fix issues which could cause ADA compliance issues. The goal is to make web accessibility understandable and attainable – regardless of your team’s knowhow and technical abilities. With the streamlined UI that breaks down accessibility issues by guideline and compliance level, and the clear explanations on how to fix issues, we are confident that your team will be able to build a better, accessible website.

Monsido allows even non-technical staff to take control of website quality and helps set clear policies to prevent errors during content creation.”


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