Web Governance
for Education

An all-in-one platform to monitor your website. Improve your student journey by delegating issues, creating accountability and never missing a web error again

Complete management

Improve student journeys

Never again hear “I thought you were doing that!” With Monsido, you can easily assign and track roles so no task ever gets overlooked and time is managed effectively.

Create an inclusive website

Making your website accessible is the right thing to do. With Monsido you will have an easy way to identify issues and manage the Accessibility of your entire site

ADA compliance

Ensure your online
Content and brand identity

Track policy

Your Brand. The way it should be

Build, maintain, and control your Style guides, Brand guidelines, and Web Guidelines once and be alerted of violations

Meet regulatory requirements

Audit your websites compliance to Government, Regulatory, and TEQSA requirements

Choose policy

Developed for Teams.
Centralised or Decentralised

Don’t worry about user

With unlimited user licence it means anyone at the institution can access the platform and see the sections that are most relevant to them.

Control what your
users see

Control what parts of the site users of Monsido can see, and also what parts of the tool

A tool that is simple
to use

We’ve built Monsido for teams. So our interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Make easy to manage
Highlights erros visually

Find issues quickly with Chrome

Our Chrome extension means you can find and address issues as you navigate through your site. It also highlights issues right on the screen

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