A One-Person Team Improves Efficiency Through Monsido’s Automated Platform

Science and Technology Australia

Science & Technology Australia (STA) is Australia’s peak body for science and technology, representing over 75,000 local scientists and technologists across all scientific disciplines. Based in Canberra, STA aims to bring together scientists, the government, the industry, and the broader community to advance the role, reputation, and impact of science and technology across the nation.

Problem: One Person Against a Sea of Issues

Dion Pretorius, STA’s former Communications and Policy Manager, was solely responsible for website management. Quality assurance issues were something that he was challenged with; and having no team to delegate or share tasks with, he was looking for a way to monitor website content quality effectively and efficiently. There were also the usual areas of website SEO and accessibility that needed to be improved upon.

Solution: A Single Tool To Catch All Errors

Monsido made it easier to enhance the work that Dion did by catching issues as they appeared, whilst saving him hours from manually trawling the website for errors. Having the platform to automate these tasks freed up his valuable time to focus on the other tasks at hand. Within the first six months, Dion employed the platform’s data and recommendations to significantly improve the website’s SEO issues and accessibility.

“We would not have identified and fixed many of the issues we've been able to address in the last six months without the Monsido platform.”

Just like with all new tools, the implementation and use of the Monsido platform required some degree of learning. Dion worked closely with the Monsido support team to fully acquaint himself with the software.

“Monsido’s support has been quick and friendly. They've understood the challenges that we face as a small organisation and worked to support us in the best way possible,” said Dion.

Benefits: More Opportunities for Optimisation

Monsido offered some much-needed features such as:

  • Digestible weekly reports on website performance,

  • Recommendations on how to rectify the errors found,

  • An inbuilt Chrome add-on which helped to pinpoint issues directly on the website.

The result of fewer site errors, combined with Dion’s other marketing and communications work, saw an increase in traffic to the STA website. 

“Monsido has really enhanced our website and given it an extra edge of professionalism,” said Dion.

The results encouraged him to expand his monitoring activity to Monsido’s other features such as the Policy tool, to improve the overall language use on-site and to keep old and new content on-brand.

Science and Technology Australia

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