Large Public University Scales Web Governance Across a Vast Enterprise


A North American public university needed a web governance solution that could cover its expansion of administration across 2,000 web properties.  

Problem: Holding the Reins of a Vast Website Ecosystem

The project of maintaining consistency throughout the university’s web properties lies with its Marketing Team. This is no easy feat, though: the university possesses over 2,000 web properties - and out of this vast number, only 200 sites are overseen by Marketing. The team works to ensure that the elements of website quality assurance like SEO, accessibility and content governance are kept in check across these 200 sites. Furthermore, the Marketing Team was challenged by its plans for web governance. They were planning to expand governance and oversight of the remaining 1,800 sites. Due to the sheer size of the institution’s web ecosystem, it was key that the university’s Marketing Team found a tool that could support their needs for quality assurance checks for issues like broken links and misspellings. Being a large and decentralized organization, a tool that they could eventually deploy enterprise-wide was also absolutely crucial. An added bonus would be to find one that could unite other web management teams across the university sites on one common platform to enforce the same rules and policies.

The solution to their requirements was found in the Monsido Web Governance platform, which provided them with an all-inclusive dashboard where they could take control over the maintenance of the many web properties they needed to manage, while still being flexible enough to scale for the addition of more sites to the platform.

Solution: One Platform for Multiple Possibilities

The university’s Marketing Team immediately put the Monsido platform to work in managing the quality assurance and content governance across many of the sites they are responsible for. The intuitive dashboard allowed for the scanning and consolidation of error data for areas of the site that compromised site quality. Being an organization of considerable size with multiple domains, they also needed to standardize the content of their site to build a more inclusive web experience for anyone who visited it. By using Monsido’s Policy tool, they were able to regain governance over content, allowing them to customize university-wide policies for content consistency and align them across domains. 

Benefits: A Powerful Integrated System

With some of their sites having over 9,000 pages, the university needed an efficient and automated tool to scan the sites and ensure that the content, accessibility, and quality of the sites are in compliance with their organizational standards. Monsido helped them manage all their needs, with the added benefit of being one of the most budget-friendly solutions on the market. Some of the benefits that the university found after implementing Monsido were:

  • Monsido’s user-friendly platform and tools revealed where mistakes were prone to lie in older sites and gave them recommendations on how to fix them.
  • The platform scanned previously neglected elements, such as Accessibility and SEO. These issues are now core areas of focus in terms of the sites’ quality assurance.  
  • They saw the effective elimination of misspellings that could lower authority or damage reputation.
  • Being an academic institution, the use of acronyms has posed a problem. As they were trying to use their websites as tools to pull in potential students, throwing unfamiliar acronyms at these students could cause confusion and frustration. Using the Policy tool, Marketing could find and remedy these acronyms and set clear content standards to establish content governance. 


The Marketing Team has currently added 116 out of the 200 sites they control on the Monsido platform. After seeing how well the solution performed in terms of error detection and optimization recommendations, they plan to continue adding more sites to the platform. 

Monsido’s work with this university’s Marketing Team is an example of how it takes just one good solution to help build and maintain an academic empire. Using Monsido’s simple web governance tools, The university has gained the ability to control their web presence with the long-term goal of streamlining and further improving their site’s performance and overall web experience for its visitors.

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