Jammerbugt Municipality Elevated Accessibility Standards and Process to Reach High Level of Compliance With Monsido

Tonie Horsens, a digital marketing consultant for Jammerbugt Municipality's website, faced the challenge of meeting the latest accessibility standards and ensuring GDPR compliance. The launch of a new site served as a catalyst, emphasizing the need to address accessibility. However, gaining an accurate overview of the website's compliance status proved to be a daunting task due to multiple web editors and a large number of pages.


Jammerbugt Municipality recognized that their website lacked basic accessibility compliance, featuring broken images, missing alt text, and inaccessible PDF documents. They also realized the language needed to be simplified for all visitors.

Additionally, the web team aimed to enhance the online experience, increase traffic, and reduce the effort required to fulfill visitors' needs.


Monsido proved to be the ideal solution for Jammerbugt Municipality. The Monsido Dashboards provided a comprehensive view of the website's health issues, facilitating the diagnosis and improvement of the site as a whole. The Monsido Accessibility module enabled the web editing team to achieve a higher level of accessibility compliance while gaining insights into the root causes of accessibility issues by presenting them in a simple, understandable way. Furthermore, the Monsido Data Privacy module assisted in maintaining GDPR compliance by identifying any potentially sensitive or private information on the site. By utilizing the Monsido Accessibility & Quality Assurance modules, the process of adding new images with high-quality resolution and alt text was streamlined, enhancing accessibility for all residents. Additionally, the Monsido Accessibility module helped find inaccessible PDFs on the website, enabling an improved accessibility standard of documents and reports on the website. In addition, the readability function of the Quality Assurance module ensured the language was easily understandable for all residents.

Why Monsido?

Jammerbugt Municipality chose Monsido due to its ability to provide a clear overview of their website's health, facilitating the detection and enabling the proactive resolution of web issues. The fair pricing model based on page count, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive set of technical tools also influenced the municipality's decision.

Key Challenges That Monsido Solved for the Municipality:

Prior to implementing Monsido, Jammerbugt Municipality lacked a clear understanding of their website's accessibility compliance and struggled with GDPR best practices. Relying solely on Google Analytics for web analytics presented technical challenges for Tonie and her colleagues, who have found Monsido’s Statistics Module to be far more intuitive, instructional, and user friendly.

With Monsido, the municipality can now focus on one issue at a time, enabling them to efficiently address accessibility concerns, ensure content quality, and perform web analytics tasks. The municipality's digital manager now spends just a few hours per week using the platform, while the webmaster devotes an average of 10-12 hours weekly to website management. The Monsido tools provide clear guidance for making website improvements and continuously enhancing the overall user experience.

"Monsido ensures we get the job done. We didn't have the time to manually check every page, and Monsido has made our website better." - Tonie Horsens, Digital Marketing Consultant

Thanks to Monsido's comprehensive suite of tools, Jammerbugt Municipality has successfully elevated its website's accessibility standards and achieved a high level of compliance by regularly identifying and addressing issues. Monsido's Dashboards featuring insights from the Accessibility module, Data Privacy module, and Quality Assurance module have helped to simplify the web team's tasks, allowing the digital manager and webmaster to efficiently manage all website-related activities with greater ease.
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