Jammerbugt Municipality Elevated Accessibility Standards and Process to Reach High Level of Compliance With Monsido

Tonie Horsens is a digital marketing consultant for the website of Jammerbugt Municipality, a local government authority located in the northern part of Denmark that serves a broad range of residents' needs, from service opening hours to wedding officiant inquiries. Once the municipality came to recognize the importance of meeting the latest accessibility standards and complying with GDPR practices, they knew they had to act.

The launch of a new site served to further underscore the need to address accessibility and was a major motivating factor.

The first real challenge they encountered was how to get an accurate overview of their website’s compliance status. As their website is maintained by multiple web editors and includes many pages, Tonie and his colleagues quickly realized that getting a clear idea of the website’s overall compliance status would be no easy feat.


Jammerbugt municipality recognized the importance of meeting the latest accessibility standards and complying with GDPR practices. They understood that their website lacked basic accessibility compliance and included broken images, missing alt text, and inaccessible PDF documents. They also recognized that the language of the website needed to be changed to make it simpler and more understandable for all visitors.

Additionally, the web team demonstrated a strong interest in enhancing the online experience for their visitors, with the aim of increasing traffic and reducing the time and effort required to fulfill visitors' needs.


The municipality found the right solution in Monsido. The Monsido Dashboards provided a clear overview of their website's health issues, making it easier to diagnose problems and improve the website as a whole. The Monsido Accessibility toolkit helped the web editing team achieve a higher level of accessibility compliance and understand the causes of accessibility issues. The Monsido Data Privacy tool also came in handy for maintaining GDPR compliance. The Monsido Accessibility & Quality Assurance tool streamlined the process of adding new images with high-quality resolution and alt text, making them instantly more accessible to all residents. In addition to this, the Monsido PDF Accessibility tool raised the accessibility standard for their documents and reports. Also, the Monsido Readability tool made sure that the language was easy to read for all different groups of residents.

Why Monsido?

The municipality chose Monsido because it provided a clear overview of their website's health, making it easy to detect and fix web issues. Monsido's fair pricing model, ease of use, and robust set of technical tools were additional factors that led to the municipality's decision.

Key Challenges That Monsido Solved for the Municipality:

Before working with Monsido, the municipality did not have a clear overview of their website's accessibility compliance or how to comply with GDPR best practices. Prior to Monsido, Google Analytics was the primary tool used for web analytics, which was quite a technical challenge for Tonie and his colleagues. With Monsido, the municipality can focus on one topic at a time, allowing them to more efficiently address issues related to accessibility, content quality assurance, web analytics, and more.

The municipality's digital manager currently spends just a few hours a week using the platform, with their webmaster spending an average of 10-12 hours per week managing all tasks for the website. Monsido makes it easy for the municipality to know how to make website improvements and provides clear direction on how to move forward and continuously improve.

‘‘Monsido makes sure we get the job done. We didn't have the time to go through all the pages and check, and they just made our product better.’’ - Tonie Horsens, digital marketing consultant

Monsido has helped Jammerbugt Municipality elevate its website's accessibility standards and reach a high level of compliance. The municipality's challenges, such as broken images, inaccessible PDF documents, and language complexity, were all addressed with Monsido's tools. The Monsido Dashboards, Accessibility toolkit, Data Privacy tool, Accessibility & Quality Assurance tool, PDF Accessibility tool, and Readability tool made the web team's job more straightforward and allowed the digital manager and webmaster to manage all tasks more efficiently.
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