University of Twente Automates Accessibility & Content Quality Processes with Monsido

Anne Heining is the Webmaster in charge of Website & Social Media communications for The University of Twente, a public technical university located in Enschede, Netherlands that has been placed in the top 170 universities in the world by multiple central ranking tables.

They have 10-12 staff working with the website on a central level, with additional people being brought in from time-to-time to work on specific domains for different faculties.


Their main challenge is to maintain an up-to-date and error free website of 20,000 pages that is accessible and flawless for all visitors.


The Monsido platform's Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and Policy modules made it easy to discover, prioritize and deal with potential issues before they became a problem for either visitors or staff.

Before purchasing Monsido, the University of Twente had been using their own CMS platform to manage and maintain their sizable website. This solution was eventually found to be sub-optimal, as it did not provide them with an easy way of detecting and prioritizing web governance and accessibility issues.

While their own “WebHare” program did offer some limited functionalities such as a link checker, some basic accessibility checks, and a redirect pages function, they soon realized they needed a more sophisticated solution that would give them a simple overview on the priority level and impact of website issues over multiple pages.

Why Monsido?

The university explored a number of possible web governance solutions before deciding to purchase Monsido’s industry leading software, which was found to both fit their needs perfectly and, crucially, the budget of a public organization.

‘‘Monsido puts everything together and gives me an overview that really helps me prioritize where to start” - Anne Heining

Anne had an initial onboarding session with Monsido. Over a short period of time, Anne was also able to get her team up and running with Monsido by hosting in-house training sessions.

The Key Challenges that Monsido solved for The University:

  • Maintaining a trustworthy website with flawless and updated content was one of the main challenges for University of Twente. Flawless content and actionable links were crucial to keeping the university's audience engaged in the website. Monsido's Quality Assurance helped solved this issue for the university.
  • Making the web team more effective with Monsido's domains grouping and tagging system. Maintaining updated content for over 20,000 pages is not an easy task for a team of 10-12 at University of Twente. Monsido made it easy to assign pages to the right person in their team.
  • Branding alignment across all university pages by using our powerful Policy module that checks for content inconsistency or incorrectness across multiple pages for the university. An example of this was making sure that the university's name is spelled correctly across all pages.
  • Compliance with data privacy and GDPR regulations became easier for the University of Twente once they started using the Policy module. By enabling the tracking of HTML code from other services on their website, such as script for social media providers, Anne and her team were able to ensure that they did not run any tracking scripts that users had not consented to.
  • Understanding the causes of accessibility issues and how to fix them by using our Accessibility module. This, in turn allowed Anne and her team to start planning ahead and proactively incorporate accessibility best practices into their day-to-day routines going forward.
  • Prioritizing and resolving their accessibility issues by using Monsido's intuitive FastTrackTM, which allowed Anne and her team to address accessibility issues in bulk. Monsido's Accessibility module allowed Anne and her team to save time by prioritizing accessibility issues for them.
  • Addressing accessibility issues step-by-step allowed Anne and her team to plan in advance and prioritize the areas of accessibility that would have the greatest impact for both staff and visitors. Today, they have established weekly practices where they meet to discuss and solve issues found using Monsido, thereby helping each other to move forward with their associated tasks.
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