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United Texas Credit Union

Karla Sarran is the Marketing Director of United Texas Credit Union and, along with a contract IT professional, is the primary person in charge of working on the site. She mainly uses Monsido for its SEO and Quality Assurance modules which help her notice errors and set policies to avoid the same errors in the future. The prioritizing feature of Monsido ensures that she uses her time wisely. Before switching to Monsido, they were using another provider.

Key Outcomes:

Monsido allows even non-technical staff to take control of website quality and helps set clear policies to prevent errors during content creation.

Would you recommend Monsido to others in your industry?

Yes, I would! It’s been great so far. We haven’t had any issues. Once we’ve had more time, I think we will really be seeing a difference because we’ve been able correct the things that weren’t getting the attention they needed. We will probably be expanding. One of the things Monsido offers is Accessibility, and we’ll probably get started with that.

What drew you towards Monsido?

We were using another provider and it was becoming cost prohibitive. We were looking for a more budget-friendly option that provided the same services for our site and found Monsido on a Google search.

How was it transitioning to Monsido from the other provider?

It was easier to understand and it was easier to implement changes because Monsido is written and presented in a more user-friendly manner. Especially for me – I do the majority of the work on it and I’m not a tech person. It is a lot easier to understand what to change. It is written in more simple English than tech speak.

Is the user-friendliness important to you?

Our site was built from scratch by a web developer who is no longer with the company and he was not replaced. The easier it is for us to implement changes and understand what they are, the better.

How does Monsido fit into your workflow?

It is an ongoing project that I do every week. I’d do it more often if I think about it, but that weekly email is my reminder to get in there. I spend whatever time that I need to fix the more pressing issues like broken links or images.

How do you go about fixing errors?

One of the things I like about Monsido is that it prioritizes the issues as high, medium, and low. I do my best to get all the high and mediums done and then as a more ongoing project I work on the lower priority items. Any misspelling, broken link, broken image, or anything that shows up in the dashboard gets fixed first.

What’s your favorite feature about Monsido?

I like the way it tells me step-by-step what I need to do on each page. Once I go in there and change it, I also like the fact that I can track what I’ve changed by ignoring errors until the next scan. I can see what progress I’ve made. With our other provider, it was not so step-by-step and it wasn’t written in a language that a non-professional would understand.

What results have you gotten?

Monsido has saved us quite a bit of money and that has been one immediate benefit of really helping us out on budget. We’ve been able to correct the things that weren’t getting the attention that they needed, like the backend, coding, and tags — the things you don’t see on the front end of the site.

Has using Monsido shaped any of your website policies?

Yes, the SEO part helped us make changes about the way we get content out there. I’d been seeing the same SEO errors and they were mostly on our blog. It has made me much more aware of the proper way to post content out there. The front end looked great but the backend has been in need of attention and that is where Monsido has helped us a lot.

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