QA Higher Education Simplifies Website Maintenance With Monsido

QA Higher Education is a private higher education provider in the UK. They work in partnership with universities, colleges, and education specialists across the UK. They recruit, market, and deliver a range of programmes from foundation level, to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Problem: Challenges With Implementing Accessibility

When QA Higher Education found out about Monsido, they didn’t know they needed it. Estelle Marasigan, Website Executive at QA Higher Education, and her team were using a similar platform but weren’t using the accessibility function as “it was hard to use and the explanation of errors were hard to understand”. They wanted a platform to help them fix accessibility on their websites and steer them in the right direction.

Solution: A Simple Interface for All Types of Users

QA Higher Education came on board with Monsido in mid-2020. They use Monsido on their own website as well as seven university websites that they manage. Estelle Marasigan, her team, and the web development team use the Monsido platform.

Estelle shared that QA Higher Education switched to Monsido because they:
  • Like the simple user interface and how easy is for their team to use
  • Find it “very clear and easy to see at a glance what the issues are”
  • Think the dashboard is easy to use, especially for those who are not as technical
  • Think “it is easier to see how to fix the errors”

Benefits: Improving Workflow and Simplifying Website Maintenance

Estelle uses Monsido a few times a week to check in and see what new errors need to be addressed. Monsido has “helped us improve our workflow and processes and given us a clearer understanding of what needs to be done”, Estelle noted. As they are tracking their scores, they’ve seen a great improvement in all areas. Estelle shared that Monsido has “helped us learn more about technical issues and SEO” and helped them with website maintenance.

“I highly recommend using Monsido. If your goal is to improve accessibility and overall website presence, this tool will definitely help you in addressing issues. The platform is very easy and the support is excellent”, said Estelle

Customer Support

Estelle and her team are big fans of Monsido’s Customer Support. “Monsido’s Customer Support is excellent. Support is one of the main reasons we moved over to Monsido. My Customer Support Manager has been great at answering all of my questions and we have regular scheduled catch-ups to hear how to use Monsido in the best ways. The live chat feature is great and I get a response in a very short time”, Estelle noted.


As one of her team's main goals is to improve web accessibility, they meet with their web development team regularly to go through all the accessibility issues. They use Monsido’s reporting function to automatically send accessibility reports to relevant team members so they can stay on top of accessibility and track their scores. “It’s really helped us improve our scores”, Estelle shared.

In the last 6 months of using Monsido on their largest website, QA Higher Education reduced the number of Accessibility issues per page by 23%.

QA Higher Education has a new website being developed that they will manage. As they don’t want the old accessibility errors to come to the new website, they are using Monsido’s Accessibility checks as a checklist for the new website so they can build accessibility into the site as they develop it. They are planning on using Monsido to test the dev site.

Quality Assurance

QA Higher Education uses Monsido’s Quality Assurance module regularly to monitor misspellings, broken links, broken images, and readability. Estelle noted that “The Quality Assurance module is really helpful in looking at issues like typos and broken links, issues that are easy to miss”. It’s these easy-to-miss issues that can have a negative impact on your brand reputation and user experience.

Since using us on their largest website, QA Higher Education increased their Quality Assurance Compliance Score by 68%.


Estelle and her team use the Policies module regularly as they have a lot of content that changes on a regular basis (such as a university course changing). They use Policies to search for and manage course names, fees for courses, old email addresses and staff names, old phone numbers and addresses, and large file sizes that can slow performance.

The Policies module helped them keep consistency across different content contributors and ensure information is accurate and up to date. “Policies is a real time saver. It’s so much easier than having to find it all manually”, Estelle noted.


Monsido’s Heartbeat module has helped QA Higher Education as downtime would have a great negative impact on them such as students not being able to enroll or access key services. Estelle shared, “we have alerts set up so if the website is down, it helps us fix the issues straight away”.

QA Higher Education reduced response times by 74% since using Monsido.

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