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Federation University

Federation University is a modern, progressive university providing high-quality vocational and higher education. Their graduates have been rated the best in Australia for employability, technical, and adaptive skills (Employer Satisfaction Survey, 2017 & 2018).

With tens of thousands of pages over multiple domains and hundreds of publishers in a decentralised authorship model, Federation University was looking for an easy-to-use, one-stop Web Governance platform that could automate processes and increase efficiency.

Christopher Marston, Monsido ‘Super User’ and Web Content Developer at Federation University, shared that the Monsido platform triaged his daily workflow, increased efficiency, and automated website error and improvement reports.

Federation University’s favourite features of Monsido are:

  • The Quality Assurance tool, tackling content errors
  • Automated reporting
  • The handy Chrome Extension, which increases efficiency
  • Our quick and helpful Customer Support

Quality Assurance tool tackling content errors

Quality Assurance is Federation University’s favourite feature. Their publishers needed an automated solution that ensured their content was error-free and in compliance with organizational and industry standards.

Federation University reduced Quality Assurance errors by 64% in the first year of using Monsido, said Christopher Marston.

Monsido’s Quality Assurance tool tackles spelling mistakes, broken links and images, and readability issues on one user-friendly dashboard. The tool prioritises the most important issues and provides recommendations on how to repair them so they get fixed quickly and efficiently.

I like that the QA dashboard gives a quick overview. I look at it most days as it is a good way to keep the misspellings and broken links down, shared Christopher.

Automated reporting

Federation University uses Monsido’s reporting tool to send their publishers reports with the insights they need that are relevant to their area and domain. The Quality Assurance summary gives their publishers an overview so they can see if there are errors that need attention.

I am a fan of the reporting tool. I like that it’s automated and that I can jump in to see if something needs immediate attention, said Christopher.

Handy Chrome Extension which increases efficiency

The Chrome extension is handy so you can go to a page to quickly check if the content and tech is fine. Bulk ignoring potential misspellings is very efficient, said Christopher.

Monsido offers a Chrome extension that shows the location of issues on a webpage, making them easy to locate. The Chrome extension bypasses the need for users to log into the platform and instead lets them work on the issue directly on the page itself.

Quick and helpful Customer Support

Monsido’s customer support has been great. I like the chat function. The customer support team really helps and generally have a really quick turnaround, added Christopher.

Monsido prides itself on providing superior customer support, at no extra charge. From online product training to live support, the Monsido staff gives you the support you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Monsido investment. The customer service team has an average response rate of 1.5* minutes for our In-App and chat support.

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