Diversity Works New Zealand Customer Story

Diversity Works NZ

Diversity Works New Zealand is the national body for workplace diversity and inclusion. The organisation’s small but dedicated team of 10 strives to contribute positively to workplace cultures of inclusion through sharing information, advice, and education and training. Their research projects include the New Zealand Diversity Survey; delivering the Diversity Awards NZ™; and collaborating with other organisations and groups working in the diversity and inclusion space.

Diversity Works New Zealand uses Monsido’s PageAssist™ tool to offer more options for visitors to better access content and functions across their website.

Monsido is a great way for an organisation with limited resources to start on the journey to making their website more accessible - Sheryl Blythen, Marketing and Communications Manager

Problem: Limited Resources

As a not-for-profit organisation, limited resources are a hurdle for Diversity Works New Zealand. They looked at accessibility guidelines and worked hard to make their website more accessible, but making changes retrospectively on the existing website wasn’t easy and manual checks were an incredibly time-consuming process.

Solution: An Easy-To-Use, Affordable Web Accessibility Tool

When they evaluated Monsido’s PageAssist™, they thought it was an easy-to-use and affordable solution. Sheryl shared that it delivered a great way to make the website more accessible for users with access needs without impacting our branding for all users.

PageAssist is an accessibility toolbar from Monsido that you can add to your website as an overlay to give visitors with disabilities control over the way they experience your site. Website visitors can change or remove form elements, formatting, font colour, size, and style to suit their individual needs. Visitors will also be able to better isolate and see menu items for easier navigation.

Benefits: Saved Resources and Helped Them ‘Walk the Talk’

Walk the talk

As Diversity Works New Zealand is the national body for workplace diversity and inclusion, being accessible to all New Zealanders is important to the organisation. PageAssist helped them ‘walk the talk’. Sheryl shared that Monsido has been helpful for learning about what makes things easier for those with accessibility needs and provided an opportunity for us to raise awareness of online access needs by talking about the PageAssist tool with our network.

Save on resources

Saving resources is a clear benefit for organizations that use Monsido, particularly for not-for-profits and small teams.

We couldn’t have achieved the same functions and benefits that we achieved through Monsido without doing a lot of work or a big rebuild project and we didn’t have the resources available for that. said Sheryl.

Get queries answered quickly

I am really impressed with Monsido’s customer support. I always get my queries answers quickly. The Monsido support team even worked with our external web team to implement PageAssist which was a really smooth process. said Sheryl. From online product training to live support, the Monsido staff gives you the support you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

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