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Destination NSW is the lead government agency for the New South Wales (NSW) tourism and major events sectors. Their goal is to advance the economic and social benefits of the people by promoting tourism and events in Sydney and NSW.

Problem: Keeping Up With Quality Assurance Issues

With over 20,000 tourism products across two consumer websites and some products linking out to third-party sites, Destination NSW was struggling to keep up with basic quality assurance issues such as broken links.

Solution: A User-Friendly Platform That Ticked All the Boxes

When the need for a web governance solution arose in the company, Destination NSW’s Senior Officer, Dean Spouszta, was tasked with the job of researching for a solution that suited the needs of their websites. Dean and his team chose to go with Monsido because it had all the features he and his team required to manage the sites. The solution was also cost-effective, seamless to implement, and on an extremely user-friendly platform.

Benefits: Taking the Weight Off Website Management

A big perk for Dean and his team was the integration of their Drupal CMS to the Monsido platform, which enabled them to open any page across either site and effortlessly analyse them in the CMS using the Monsido toolbar. Once the solution was in place, Dean and his team found it extremely easy to manage the consumer sites. Their initial issue with broken links diminished because of the ease of finding errors across both domains.

Monsido’s quick tracking and analysis functionalities improved their page performance. They also found a treasure trove of opportunities to improve SEO and enhance overall user experience by eliminating issues up to the most minute error.

Dean and his team achieved increased efficiency in their website optimisation and have taken control over the quality assurance issues across the Destination NSW consumer sites.

"It can be quite a time-consuming process trying to identify broken links. But Monsido brings everything together and shows us where broken links are. Using the Chrome Extension to track the performance of pages is also helpful."

A bonus for Dean and his team at Destination NSW was Monsido’s customer service. Whenever there was a need for guidance or support, Monsido’s customer support was always ready to assist.

"5-star service. From the outset, the Monsido customer support has been second to none. They have always responded to my queries within under two minutes and always provide a solution to my issue, with snapshots included!"

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Destination NSW refers to Monsido as “A Cost-Effective, No-Brainer Solution to Optimising Your Site”.