Danish Dairy Board Successfully Redesigns Websites With Monsido

The Danish Dairy Board is the official trade association for the dairy industry in Denmark and represents both large-scale and smaller dairy companies. Established in 1912 the association actively works to advocate for and represent the domestic and international interests of the Danish dairy industry. Their mission is to promote and strengthen the dairy industry as part of a sustainable future.

Problem: Addressing Quality Assurance During a Migration

The communications team at the Danish Dairy Board manages a total of nine different websites that are primarily run by their Digital Marketing Coordinator, Jane Ernst Nielsen, and Digital Communications Coordinator, Anja Rasmussen. They were preparing for a manual migration of their websites to a new CMS and looking for a tool to help improve quality assurance.

Jane and Anja had previously used different tools to check for various website quality aspects, such as broken links, missing alternative text, and more. However, using many tools was time-consuming when migrating their websites and they liked that Monsido provided multiple tools in one easy-to-use platform. They decided to move forward with their purchase of Monsido in May 2020.

Solution: A Better Overview Of Their Websites

Monsido immediately provided Jane and Anja with a much needed overview of all errors on their websites. This allowed them to enlist the help of other colleagues to migrate website content, as they could use Monsido as a safety net to double-check for errors in a matter of seconds. Their migration process centered around improving their SEO and Quality Assurance scores, with identifying broken links being especially critical to the work that they do.

“As a trade association, it’s important that we provide the sources of our facts and figures, and we therefore often link to articles on other websites. But it’s frustrating when these links break and leave website visitors with a poor user experience”, said Anja.

Monsido has allowed them to automatically find errors in the content and ensure that they were corrected before moving the content was moved over to the new CMS.

“Having Monsido saved us a lot of time during our migration process, as it allowed us to have a larger team help us with the migration - yet still have the peace-of-mind that Monsido would catch any errors that slipped through the cracks,” said Anja.

Benefits: Successfully Relaunch Their Digital Presence

As the central hub for their members to get updates, statistics, and more - the Danish Dairy Board has strongly focused on using their migration to improve the overall user experience of their websites. By using Monsido throughout the migration process, the Danish Dairy Board was able to reduce the number of quality assurance errors by nearly 80%.

“We want to ensure that we’re perceived as a credible and trustworthy association, and having a high-quality and professional presence is an important part of that,” said Jane.

Monsido has helped the Danish Dairy Board maintain an overview of their websites and proactively correct any errors before it impacts the user experience of the website. With higher quality content in place, they’ve also grown in confidence and added a new, value-adding members section to their website.

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