Prioritizing Errors to Streamline
Website Quality Assurance

Cornerstone University

Kristina Garvelink is the Digital Content Manager at Cornerstone University. As the sole person responsible for website quality assurance, she needs a time-saving tool for finding errors and helping her fix pressing issues right away. Monsido allows her to find website errors promptly and the prioritization feature guides her through which issues to fix first.

Key Outcomes:

Monsido finds errors which would be otherwise overlooked and has helped advance the website by breaking down and prioritizing issues.

Is there anything that surprised you about using Monsido?

What surprised me from a customer service side, especially with us being in the US and Monsido being in Europe, was the length at which they went to for customer service. At the beginning it was not uncommon for the Monsido team to give me a quick phone call if I had questions. Jacob reached out a number of times, which did not happen with our former vendor. I never talked to them until we were leaving and they started questioning why we were unhappy.

From a customer service standpoint, I felt very supported. If I had a question or run into a problem, Monsido will stand behind me and work to find a solution.

Would you recommend Monsido to others in your industry?

Absolutely! For us, it has been a very comparable product to what we’ve experienced in the past as far as web governance systems. The customer service has been outstanding. The geographic difference has not caused any issue. The team has gone above and beyond in many respects, in terms of helping us advance our website and thinking outside the box.

What brought you to Monsido?

We were looking for a web governance system that would help us locate bad links, monitor health, find spelling issues, and provide us an opportunity to cross check former staff to make sure their information was removed from the site. We were with a different company and due to budget constraints started looking at alternative options and discovered Monsido.

How does Monsido help you find errors?

Our site was built from scratch by a web developer who is no longer with the company and he was not replaced. The easier it is for us to implement changes and understand what they are, the better.

How does Monsido fit into your workflow?

It has been a good indicator of errors and has shown some things that our previous company didn’t pick up on, like the scope of the meta descriptions that we still have need of and some other areas which weren’t highlighted in quite the same way.

Realistically, I wouldn’t be aware of the errors without Monsido. In that respect, to have a report guaranteed once a week and the option to run a scan more frequently has definitely provided us with that comprehensive overview. Something like Google Analytics can tell us a lot about our site traffic but it doesn’t break down where the issues are. In that sense, it is definitely time well spent. I look forward to splitting out and getting more staff involved in Monsido. When that happens, Monsido will save me even more time.

What is your favorite feature on the Monsido platform?

I really appreciate the Policy feature, which is important for us. The SEO tab has also been valuable. I spend some time in there checking where we are at with meta descriptions and duplicate headings and fixing up that.

What’s your favorite thing about using Monsido?

I like the way it tells me step-by-step what I need to do on each page. Once I go in there and change it, I also like the fact that I can track what I’ve changed by ignoring errors until the next scan. I can see what progress I’ve made. With our other provider, it was not so step-by-step and it wasn’t written in a language that a non-professional would understand.

How do you go about fixing errors?

I usually always start with broken links and then go to SEO. One of my projects is to wrap up some of those top SEO issues, which are currently ranked as meta descriptions and images.

I appreciate that Monsido’s dashboard gives high level errors and ranks them. I typically do follow Monsido’s ranking of how we should proceed with addressing the issues.

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