AUT Achieved 99.94% Accessibility Compliance With Monsido.

Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology is New Zealand's second-largest university. The university has a strong academic and international reputation which needed to be reflected in their digital presence.

“If we didn’t have Monsido, focusing on accessibility compliance would be challenging."

Problem: Needing a Centralised System for Faster Remediation

With its rapid growth, AUT required its online identity to keep pace. Norman Goh, Web Center Manager at AUT, was in search of a one-stop-shop for web governance, combining SEO, accessibility, and quality assurance. The other tools he and his team had used to address these issues in the past were simply not intuitive or easy enough to use. On top of that, there was no way for all the information from these tools to be consolidated under one login on a single dashboard.

Solution: Everything They Needed on One Platform

Before Monsido, there was no active focus on web governance and the remediation of website issues. By implementing Monsido, the team saw the benefits of having an overview of all the different website management issues on one platform. This enabled them to visually see the issues at hand and to build a strategy on how to tackle them. For Norman and his team, having this overview was invaluable as it saved them the headache of allocating resources to manually seek them out.

Workflow efficiency increased dramatically as the tools on the Monsido platform didn’t just audit the site for issues and errors, but provided recommendations on how to fix them too. This helped the team make quick and targeted remediations.

Benefits: Discovering Opportunities in Overlooked Practices

By centralising their web governance on Monsido’s all-in-one platform, AUT was able to maintain its website to the highest possible standard without needing to spend an enormous amount of time working on it.

One of the benefits that Norman found from using Monsido was the ability to be more proactive in the site’s improvement, rather than just rectifying errors. The platform allowed him and his team to identify opportunities to improve the site, while also presenting them with the issues that were most important and required prioritisation.

And while Monsido was initially selected to improve the site’s SEO and quality assurance, they discovered an opportunity within accessibility as it was the site’s biggest weakness. With the platform, Norman can now focus on AUT’s web accessibility for students and parents, whilst conforming to the New Zealand Government’s Web Accessibility Standards.

“Monsido helped us realise this goal by visualising issues and educating us on how to fix them all within the same tool. Our team is fixing up accessibility issues and learning why these issues are important at the same time,” said Norman.

“If we didn’t have Monsido, focusing on accessibility compliance would be challenging. Monsido is really helping us put together a structure to prioritise the issues we need to work on first,” he added.

By utilising Monsido for their accessibility remediation, AUT’s website has achieved 99.94% compliance within the accessibility module.

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