Hinkle Law Firm Maintain a Clean & Up-To-Date Website With a Little Help From Monsido

Hinkle Law Firm

Founded in 1987, Hinkle Law Firm LLC has developed a regional and national presence serving a diverse client base with advice and legal counsel. The firm maintains a business-based planning, transaction and litigation practice that represents private and publicly held business entities, as well as individuals for whom they handle estate planning, tax issues, and other civil and criminal legal matters.

The Firm has over 45 attorneys and a support staff of more than 70 persons, including a number of full-time paralegals and accountants.

Problem: Maintaining a Clean and Up-To-Date Website

Hinkle Law Firm has one main website and three micro sites that are maintained by just a small two person team consisting of Marketing Assistant, Anthony Navarrete and Marketing Director, Melissa Smith. Together they are in charge of all content and design elements on the companies websites.

As an organization, Hinkle Law Firm was constantly striving towards maintaining a website that is attractive, clean and up to date. In addition, as a commercial law firm, ensuring a high ranking in search results is vital so that potential clients can easily find Hinkle online when searching on more generic legal terms, such as “divorce attorney” or “tax lawyer”.

For the past five plus years, Hinkle have been using a Web Governance Solution that simply wasn’t living up to their expectations. In short they found the platform to not be very user-friendly, lacking in its selection of tools, as well as excessively costly.

Solution: A Robust and User-Friendly Platform That Allows For Quick and Easy Website Maintenance.

As the original solution was failing to meet their needs, Hinkle made the decision to switch to Monsido. Anthony Navarrete quickly found that Monsido offered much greater functionality at a more affordable price. He now regularly checks in with Monsido 2-3 times a week in order to stay on top of things.

In addition to this, Anthony also leverages Monsido's built-in weekly reporting that helps to ensure that the website content is always fresh, accurate and up-to-date. This routine has made it far easier to stay on top of Hinkle’s online content — rather than have one of the attorneys discover a broken link or misspelling

Beyond content quality, Anthony has also used the Monsido Platform to focus on SEO and website traffic.

“Nobody searches for ‘Hinkle Law Firm’, so using the Monsido SEO module helps ensure we show up in search results when someone needs a lawyer. I always make sure to stay on top of the suggested changes, and then I’m usually able to see the effect in the Statistics module. The same goes for when we launch a new campaign. I always use the Statistics module to track it’s success.”, said Anthony.

This provides a great example of how Monsido’s modules can be used effectively together - with the SEO Module in this instance recommending actions, and the Statistics Module serving to check on the impact of these actions at a later time.

In their day-to-day use of the platform, Hinkle have also found the in-tool help, and live chat features to be both highly useful and extremely user-friendly. As Anthony points out ‘‘If you have a question, it’s usually answered before you get to a real person, so that’s helpful.’’

Benefit: A Better, More Seamless Website Experience for Clients

With its robust menu of modules and tools, the Monsido platform allows Hinkle to maintain a level of quality that meets with their clients high standards as well as staying on top of relevant web searches.

For Hinkle, Monsido has proven to be a big time saver. In particular, quality assurance and SEO based tasks have been greatly expedited by not having to address potential issues such as broken links, duplicate content or misspellings on a page by page basis.

In a 12-month period, Hinkle managed to bring their content with quality assurance issues on their main site down by an amazing 95.39%! Furthermore, they were in a 4-month period able to reduce their content with SEO issues on one of their microsites by an impressive 40.91%.

‘‘I’d definitely say it is worth the investment. It’s saved us a lot of time and money. When compared to other platforms, it (Monsido) is more user-friendly and robust.’’, Anthony says.
Hinkle typically performs a quarterly website review in which they examine the overall numbers and how the site is performing with regards to certain key metrics, and the Monsido platform makes it easier to track key performance indicators, such as SEO and website traffic, over time.

Going forward into 2022, Hinkle’s main goals remain to increase traffic to their website and keep it well maintained for their visitors. With the help of the Monsido platform, Hinkle can confidently achieve their growth targets for the coming year by delivering a smooth and reliable website experience.
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