US City Websites Need Improvements To Meet Resident Needs & Expectations

New report shows that US city websites deliver below industry standards when it comes to website quality, performance and experience.

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SAN DIEGO, KANSAS CITY, Mo. and ARLINGTON, Va., 22 April 2021 - Monsido, a leading web governance provider, and OpenCities, a leading website and form builder, in collaboration with CommonLook, a leading provider of software for document accessibility, have released a report that looked at the websites of more than 700 cities across the US.

The report "Better Websites. For All." is a national benchmark that analyzes city websites based on their quality, performance and experience in meeting the needs of residents.

"City websites have long been a vital asset for residents, but the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent restrictions have underscored the need for an equitable and accessible alternative to in-person services. Yet consistently delivering a great website experience is far from the reality of most US cities. We hope this report shines a light on the work that needs to be done and provides a helpful framework for building success going forward," said Jillian Als, Marketing Director at Monsido.

The websites were analyzed for a variety of key performance indicators, including the presence of top tasks and mobile experience, website and document accessibility, and quality assurance issues, like broken links.

"Delivering an equitable website experience requires the right people, process and technology. This benchmark takes a holistic approach to understanding what elements are working, and what areas need improvement," says Josh Ditthardt, Director of Sales at OpenCities.

Key findings indicate that city websites are successful with mobile-readiness, navigation, and quality assurance. However, they fall short of the industry averages for website performance and readability. Accessibility also continues to be a challenge.

"Documents, especially PDFs on websites are often overlooked when it comes to digital accessibility. This limits the inclusivity of US City websites and can create a barrier for many residents, such as disabled or elderly individuals, to engage with the local city government. Documents need to be as accessible as website content," says Monir ElRayes, President & CEO at CommonLook.

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