Search Your Website and Be the Wiser

Do you remember every single piece of content on your website? Are you absolutely sure that no old products are mentioned somewhere? What about a previous employee’s name, an old email address, or some other stuff you don’t want there?

If your website is very small, you could be sure about this. But, when your website exceeds 30-40 pages, it gets difficult to keep track of everything – especially if you are regularly updating your site (which you should for the sake of SEO and so not to bore your visitors!).

Inaccurate Information Harms Your Site

It might not seem like a big deal to have some old information on your website, but it may take a bigger toll than you realize. Customers are not tolerant people. It only takes a slight perceived insult to push them over the edge.

Let’s say that long-time customer Bob has a question about his bill. He goes to your website and finds the contact info for Janet – the person who used to handle billing questions. He sends her an email, which of course goes unanswered. Then he decides to call the number listed. Of course, Janet isn’t around anymore so Bob gets shuffled from one department to another until he finally gets in contact with the right person. By that time, Bob is already pretty angry. He might even go and write a negative review of your business and bad mouth you all over Twitter!

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So, how do you keep track of the content on your site?

To make sure all the content on your site is accurate and up-to-date, you need a way to quickly and easily search through it. One option is to use Google to search within your website. You can do this by typing in your search term followed by

This method works fairly well, but it means you will have to sift through each and every page manually, and also hope that Google didn’t miss anything. Because keeping track of content is so important for website owners, we decided to include Search as a feature of Monsido.

With Monsido platform you have the ability to search across every single page that Monsido has crawled - and it is done in real time. You can search for a single word, an email address, or a whole sentence. And, if you want to get really fancy, you can do a regex search too (don’t worry if you haven’t got a clue what a regex is; you can still use the tool!).

You can even mark a search as an Error Finder. When you do this, every page that contains or doesn’t contain your search phrase will show up on your domain’s dashboard as an error. That’s right – you can even mark pages which don’t have certain content as Errors, such as if you want to make sure your new phone number is on every single page of your website so customers can contact you.