Introducing PageCorrect: Your Tool for Easier Web Accessibility & Quality Assurance

We’re pleased to announce PageCorrect™, the latest addition under our Compliance Shield™ umbrella! PageCorrect is a unique tool that allows you to immediately address quality assurance and accessibility issues found on your site directly from the Monsido web governance platform.

Website Quality Assurance & Compliance Management Done Right

Optimizing your website for functionality and accessibility isn’t a one-off task but rather, an ongoing process, and PageCorrect aids in just that. Before PageCorrect, you could only use the Monsido web governance platform to identify the accessibility and QA issues that your website was facing. To resolve these issues however, you would have to login to your content management system (CMS) to address each and every issue manually. This can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming task, and using resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

The extra step of having to manually make the changes within your CMS could also mean that you risk some issues slipping through the cracks or--without consistent updates on reviews--a backlog of errors could build up.

Quicker Fixes, Better Sites

By removing the CMS element with PageCorrect, you can keep your site optimized and compliant with the least amount of effort possible. You’ll have a clear view of where most common issues lie on your site and will be able to react to them immediately on the platform. These changes will then be automatically updated on your website without you having to login to your content management system to hunt around for the error.

Here Are the Benefits of PageCorrect, Outlined:

  • Saves time - fix errors directly on the Monsido platform and those changes will then be reflected on your website
  • Website maintenance, simplified - the Monsido interface enables even non-technical users to update the site without coding knowledge
  • Repair - make quick and targeted corrections to accessibility and quality assurance errors
  • Improve user experience - cover all the bases of your site’s functionality and quality assurance by issues instantly
  • Achieve compliance - get straight to the urgent accessibility errors and receive guidance on how to fix them to the appropriate level of compliance
  • Customize - structure your own rules for words
  • Mass update - update specific text used across your website in bulk.
We hope that the PageCorrect add-on will help you make the management of your website even easier. You’ll get things done quickly and your site will always be able to keep up with the standards of compliance and quality assurance--what’s not to like?

Learn more about PageCorrect.