Are Your Online PDFs and Documents Optimized?

Monsido is a comprehensive website management tool which scans your website and finds Quality Assurance and SEO errors and opportunities. Up until now, Monsido was only able to scan web pages. Now, Monsido also scans PDFs, Word documents, and Open Office documents on your site too. Here is a brief guide to why this feature is important, and how you can make the most of it.

Errors on PDFs and Documents Hurt Your

Files like PDFs and Word documents are often vital for a website. The problem is that, once those files are up on the website, they usually don’t get much attention.
If there was an error on the original file, it will go unnoticed and unfixed.

If the file becomes corrupted, it will be unreadable by users.

If information in the file changes, then readers will get the wrong info.

If a link in the file changes, then readers will be taken to 404 Error page.
In the ideal world, errors never happen on our web pages or online files. But, we all know that this isn’t the case. The web is constantly changing and content needs to be continuously updated. Without a tool to help, keeping content updated is a grueling task.

While having a few broken links and errors might not seem like a big deal, they could be disastrous to your business. Broken links destroy your reputation and could harm your SEO. Misspellings are Quality Assurance errors which harm your reputation. And, when the error is a wrong contact email or telephone number, then you could end up losing valuable business.

The bottom line? You need to make sure ALL of the content on your website is accurate – including PDFs and documents.

Using Monsido to Scan PDFs and

Monsido is a comprehensive website management tool which scans your website once a week (or when you run an on-demand scan). The tool will crawl your website and look for errors and improvement opportunities like:
  • Broken links
  • Misspellings
  • Missing H1
  • Missing Meta Descriptions
  • Too-short content
  • Broken Images
  • Missing ALT text
  • Pages with No Index
Any errors or opportunities found on PDFs or documents will be shown along with those on web pages. It couldn’t be simpler!

If you are not a Monsido user yet, we highly encourage you to try out the tool for free. You owe it to yourself and website users to make sure there aren’t any SEO or Quality Assurance issues which need to be fixed!

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