Check out Monsido’s Powerful New Heatmaps Tool

Traditional analytics tools are great at showing you things such as how many visits your web pages are receiving and how many of your visitors are being converted. However, they have natural limitations in terms of what they can reveal to you about how your visitors are behaving when they engage with your website. Heatmaps provide you with a wealth of insights on how your visitors actually interact with your web pages, allowing you to identify problem areas and to make targeted improvements for a better overall visitor experience.

What Are Heatmaps?

Simply put, heatmaps provide a graphical representation of data using a system of color-coding to represent different values. Our Heatmaps tool uses a warm-to-cold color scheme to show how your web pages are performing, with the warmest color indicating highest visitor engagement and the coolest indicating lowest visitor engagement.

Why YOU Should Use Our New Heatmaps Tool!

Monsido’s Heatmaps tool allows you to see how pages on your website are performing by tracking where your visitors have clicked or tapped on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page, and where they have moved their cursor on a page. 

Our tool can be used to identify where visitors are losing engagement or getting stuck on your website so that you can take immediate action to improve their experience and the performance of your pages. 

Monsido’s Heatmaps tool allows you to:

  • Discover why pages are failing to convert 
  • Compare different versions of pages to see which perform better 
  • Check to see if a website redesign has been successful 

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How to Use Heatmaps

The new tool can be accessed quickly and easily by clicking on the Heatmaps icon on the main Monsido Dashboard. Once the Heatmaps module has been opened, you can then search for pages to which you would like to apply a Heatmap rule. Once a Heatmaps rule has been applied to a page it will be displayed in your Heatmaps module, which can be set to be displayed as a table or a grid. To view a page that has a Heatmap applied to it you must open the Monsido Chrome extension.

The Heatmaps feature is split into 3 device types:

  •  Mobile 
  •  Tablet 
  •  Desktop  


You can select between 3 different types of heatmap:

  • Move - This type of heatmap shows you where visitors are moving their cursor and where they are lingering on the page, allowing you to see where important content such as CTAs and advertisements should be placed for optimal impact. This type of heatmap also gives you the ability to identify areas that visitors tend to hover past at speed.   
  • Click - This type of heatmap shows you where visitors are tapping or clicking on your pages, allowing you to track clicks on links, images, CTAs, and to identify navigational gaps that do not match your visitors’ expectations. 
  • Scroll - This type of heatmap shows you how far visitors scroll down your pages, which can help you calculate the ideal length of a webpage, identify if visitors reach the content placed below the fold, and see if your page has a false floor. It also allows you to track where your visitors are spending most of their time and where they are losing interest.  

Finally, you can define the snapshot time period that you would like the heatmap to focus on. Choose between the following options: last week, last month, last quarter, last half-year, and last year.

The Heatmaps tool is available as an add-on to the Monsido platform.