New Benchmark Report Reveals That Australian Healthcare Websites Are Falling Behind

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SYDNEY, Aug. 10 - Monsido, a leading web governance provider, has released a benchmark report analysing the websites of the Top 30 Healthcare Organisations in Australia for their performance in Web Accessibility, Content Quality Assurance, Industry Content Compliance, SEO, and Response Time.

The benchmark revealed that the top 5 Websites Overall belonged to Virtus Health, St Vincent's Health Australia, Starpharma Holdings, Cochlear Ltd, and Healius. The Top 3 of each benchmarked category are detailed in the report.

For the Industry Content Compliance category, using their Policies tool, Monsido scanned all 30 healthcare organisations websites to measure their compliance to common business policies and healthcare industry standards. For example, Monsido implemented policies to 'Find all COVID Content Updates' and 'Find all terms to avoid when writing about gender, age, and disabilities'. Monsido found that the average Industry Content Compliance Score was only 76% with the lowest at 52%. Pacific Smiles Group, St Vincent's Health Australia, and Ramsay Health lead the pack in this category.

Improving Web Accessibility and working to comply with WCAG guidelines is becoming more common in Australia, yet there is a lot of room for improvement in the healthcare sector. The report revealed that the three leaders in the Web Accessibility category were: Starpharma Holdings, St Vincent's Health Australia, and Pacific Smiles Group.

"Complying to company branding guidelines and industry regulations can be a challenge but is essential for the success of healthcare organisations. When healthcare organisations can maintain compliant, accessible, and error-free website content, website visitors and customers can more easily access essential information and online services. We hope this report accelerates the conversation around the importance of user-friendly and compliant websites." - Sam Rahmanian, VP of Global Sales, Monsido

For more on the insights on Australian Healthcare Websites, read the full benchmark report here.

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