How Monsido Helps With Your Website Redesign

Monsido is a user experience and web accessibility software that helps you manage and improve the quality of your website. Here are some of the ways Monsido can help in the redesign process.


This is in the pre-planning stage of your website redesign project, much of which we covered in the first chapter under research and discovery. It is at this stage that you know that something is wrong with your site but you aren’t sure what. Monsido offers in-depth analytics that flags problem areas that can initiate the redesign planning. Our platform offers insight into user behavioral patterns such as page traffic, traffic sources, low performance, and downtimes. It also can flag areas in need of a revamp, like accessibility and content violations. If your compliance score is low, you may need to redesign your website and build accessibility into the structure of the site.


Monsido can also be utilized in the auditing stage of your redesign process. Our software can automate scans of your site, sub-sites or domains, and produce reports on various areas such as quality assurance, content, SEO, performance, and accessibility. These reports will not only offer more insight into the status of your website, but it also goes in-depth to show the individual errors, what pages they occur on and provides recommendations on how to address the errors.

Content Inventory

When redesigning your website, you will need to have an overview of all the pages on it, as well as any documents that you are hosting, the location of specific hyperlinks to items, what forms you use onsite, and all the images. Think of it as taking stock of your website’s inventory to know what you have so that you know what needs to be changed, improved upon, or just removed entirely. Monsido can crawl your website and categorize all the content on your site, be it links or media files, under its content inventory. You can use the content inventory to find content that you need quickly and also see where specific files, links, code snippets, or forms are located on your webpages. You can also export lists of all these web assets to save you hours of manually recording them and it ensures that you miss nothing when you move your content and assets to the new site.

User Behavior Analysis

Monsido displays all your website’s information in a user-friendly platform for better comprehension. Our Statistics tool offers data on website activity and user behavior, much like Google Analytics does, but presents them in more digestible reports so that everyone can understand, even those without experience with web analytic tools like Google Analytics. Monsido also has a Heatmap add-on that uses a warm-to-cold color scheme to show how your web pages are performing, with the warmest color indicating highest visitor engagement and the coolest indicating lowest visitor engagement. The Heatmaps tool allows you to see how pages on your website are performing by tracking where your visitors have clicked or tapped on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page, and where they have moved their cursor on a page. It can be used to identify where visitors are losing engagement or getting stuck on your website so that you can take immediate action to improve their experience and the performance of your pages.


Monsido can also be used to scan staging sites so that you can audit your site before it goes live and catches any errors that might occur in advance. Also, having Monsido implemented in the early stages of your new website development can ensure that you are building in elements like accessibility into your site rather than retrofitting it later on. Monsido can scan your staging site for issues like outdated content (names of old team members, incorrect addresses, or if your organization has been rebranded, any mention of the old organization name), broken links, broken images, oversized images, accessibility levels, page load speed on different devices, browsers, and in different countries, and SEO issues. It’s better to catch all the mistakes and avoid last-minute fixes before the site goes live to ensure that you launch your site with confidence.


Once a redesign is over, Monsido can help with the continuous monitoring and maintenance of the site. Our platform provides a clean and easy view of the progress of different elements of the site, like your accessibility progress, the status of your quality assurance checks, and more. And as your site grows and expands, Monsido also provides weekly reports that help you keep on top of any issues that might occur on any new pages.

In terms of tasks for the team that is responsible for the website, you can also delegate parts of the website on the Monsido platform and assign specific segments or pages of the site to different team members. For example, you can create a group of pages, assign that group to a content editor, and when that content editor logs into Monsido, they will see nothing but the issues they are responsible for. This also increases transparency and accountability of the issues those content editors need to address.

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