Compliance Sheriff Announces End of Life - Monsido Offers Alternative

At the end of February 2021, Compliance Sheriff®, a web accessibility solution owned by Appgate, made an End of Life notification for their software including their Cynthia SaysTM tool, ceasing all updates and support on December 31, 2021.

With Compliance Sheriff discontinuing its services, what does this mean for organizations that have relied on it for accessibility compliance? While there is no immediate rush, it is a great time to reevaluate your organization’s needs and to identify any additional features or functionalities as an alternative that could improve your website accessibility and digital experience management.

Monsido’s Web Accessibility Module is not unlike that of Compliance Sheriff’s; we offer automated scans of your website, report your current compliance levels on a user-friendly dashboard, and offer guided remediation efforts to help you manually fix any errors that occur.

The biggest difference between Monsido and Compliance Sheriff is that Monsido is a full-suite software-as-a-service(SaaS)-based digital governance platform. In addition to web accessibility monitoring, Monsido offers powerful modules for quality assurance, custom policies, SEO, website performance monitoring, and more.

Make an easy transition

Replacing your web accessibility solution does not warrant panic. Monsido can help you transition to a new solution with a number of efficient features and tools already baked into the platform:
  • FastTrack: Address accessibility checks in bulk rather than the same issue across every page on your website.
  • Report Center: Choose which reports should be sent to which team members for maximum platform adoption.
  • PageAssist: Provide your website visitors with a helpful website widget to let them customize their site browsing experience to their needs including things like font size, color contrast, and more.
  • PageCorrect: Sometimes fixes just need to be done fast. Deploy instant fixes for some accessibility issues directly via the Monsido Platform.
  • Prioritized Content: Our solution helps you work smarter by categorizing and prioritizing accessibility issues on pages with the most engagement, enabling you to fix the errors on these pages first to quickly improve your site.
  • PDF Accessibility: Documents like PDFs on your website must also be accessible. With Monsido’s partnership and integration with CommonLook, you can easily scan PDFs on your website for accessibility compliance.
  • Monsido Browser Extension: Get a direct look at your content issues while browsing your website and resolve them directly without having to log onto the Monsido platform.
  • CMS Integrations: Take advantage of the deep-link integrations we have with numerous CMS providers to make remediation work that much faster.
Monsido prides itself on stellar customer service including regular web accessibility training sessions, 24/7 chat support, and regularly updated in-platform help. What’s more, Monsido deploys platform updates on a near-weekly basis, making improvements on a consistent basis, many of which come as ideas directly from our customers.

Ready to see it for yourself? Book a demo with our team today and we’ll give your website a quick scan and go through the results with you.

Get more with Monsido

While there are well-established standards for achieving website accessibility compliance, like WCAG, more can be done for the best possible website experience for users of all abilities. Web governance is the important practice of ensuring the entire website experience is a better one. To learn more about the power of the entire Monsido platform download our Web Governance handbook.