Monsido and Hannon Hill Release Top 50 US Private Colleges & University Websites 2022 Benchmark Report

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SAN DIEGO, March 23, 2022 - Monsido, a leading web governance platform, and Hannon Hill today released a joint report analyzing the top 50 US private college and university websites. The study found that accessibility and SEO are improving, reflecting that institutions are successfully ensuring digital equity and inclusion for their students, faculty and alumni. However, website performance, content quality, and speed are still significant issues for the majority.

The research evaluates the websites of the leading private colleges and universities in the US based on their content quality assurance, performance, response time, SEO, uptime and web accessibility. In addition, the report contains qualitative insights from a survey fielded by Hannon Hill. The University of Notre Dame, Harvard University and the University of Richmond were ranked the top three websites overall.

The report found content quality is a significant hurdle to overcome, with 68 percent citing outdated or irrelevant content as the biggest challenge. Over 60 percent identified a lack of time and resources to maintain the volume of pages. In addition, 55 percent highlighted the lack of accountability of contributors as an issue that impacts content quality. Almost a quarter noted that website speed is a challenge.

“Higher education institutions are on a path to digital success as they make their sites more accessible and inclusive," said Jillian Als, VP of Marketing, Commercial, International and Partnerships at Monsido - an Optimere brand. “However, the majority still have significant performance challenges to overcome. As institutions increasingly pivot to digital channels, they must address how to manage the quality of content to improve the user experience for the entire community. Addressing these challenges requires looking at how to optimize people, process and technology.”

“Visitor expectations are evolving rapidly, presenting a great opportunity for higher education teams to differentiate their institutions with a modern digital portfolio that can be enjoyed by all,” said Laura Rives, VP of Sales and Marketing at Hannon Hill. “We applaud the schools who scored well in the categories measured in the report, and appreciate the example they set for their peers in the higher education industry.”
For more on the insights, read the full benchmark report and rankings.


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