New Report Finds Dutch Universities Need To Improve Website Performance

This post originally appeared on PR Newswire.

Copenhagen, February 13, 2023
- Monsido, a leading web governance and optimization platform, has published an industry benchmark report analyzing the websites of the top 40 universities in the Netherlands.

The website scans were conducted in January 2023 using the Monsido platform. The scans evaluated 500 pages of Dutch university websites based on accessibility, content quality (including broken links, misspellings, and readability), SEO, performance, and response time.

Monsido recommends aiming for a website performance score between 90 and 100. The benchmark results revealed that performance continues to be an area that requires greater attention from Dutch universities, with the average performance at just 48 on a scale of 0-100. Examples of common elements that can negatively impact performance and slow down page loading speed include large images, too many widgets and plugins, and a lack of good coding standards.

In terms of website accessibility, Dutch university websites were found to be doing well, with an average score of 71% - just above the recommended minimum score of 70%.

“The universities in the Netherlands have huge potential to attract and educate both Dutch and international students. The availability of a high-quality website can make the difference in whether or not students decide to apply, and I congratulate all the top performers in our first-ever website benchmark of Dutch universities. On the other hand, I hope this benchmark also highlights the need for continued improvement in website accessibility & performance to remain inclusive & competitive in the future,” says Michiel Veneklaas, Account Executive for the Benelux region at Monsido powered by CivicPlus.

The industry benchmark revealed that the Top 5 Websites Overall belonged to Hogeschool Inholland, Amsterdam VUMC, Hogeschool Saxion, Universiteit Twente, and Maastricht University. Top performers in the other categories are detailed in the report.

For more insights, see the full benchmark report and rankings on the Monsido website.

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