Let Collaboration Tools Do The Heavy Lifting for Your Team

While we may not be traveling around in flying cars quite yet, or having all of our annoying little household tasks being taken care of by super efficient robots, we are still living in a time where technology can achieve truly remarkable things. If you were to tell people only a few decades ago that, for example, everyone will soon enough be carrying around their own personal phones with them at all times, many would likely have viewed this as doubtful. If you were to add that these personal phones will also effectively be miniature computers with the ability to connect instantly to more or less any location or public information source on the planet, they might think you need to go and have a lie down.

In this sense, and particularly in the online realm, we are already living in the future, so why run your Marketing, Communication, and Digital Teams like they were still operating in the past?

Providing a flawless website experience has never been an easy task, and this is especially true for organizations with websites over a certain size, or with teams operating in different locations and time zones. Maintaining focus when dealing with a number of stakeholders on the ever growing mountain of potential website errors and checks that a website can be hugely time consuming, not to mention utterly exhausting. So why would you opt to do all this work manually when better, more efficient options are available?

Today, when someone needs to look something up, they could of course travel to their local library or bookstore, find an encyclopedia, and get the information they are looking for this way. I think most people would agree that it’s a little easier to just pick up a laptop or mobile phone and get the very same info in mere seconds.

Web teams who are not leveraging the power of team collaboration tools to remove distractions and enhance their collaboration efforts are basically taking the bus back and forth to the library every single day, when instead they could be using available technology to make their working lives much easier and more productive.

A variety of software exists that can help take the hassle out of managing your web teams and their tasks. Such tools work by automating certain processes in order to streamline collaboration and enhance individual focus. By adopting a small number of such tools, you can save yourself a great deal of valuable time, effort, and resources.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at four essential website management tasks that can be made significantly easier through the use of team collaboration tools.

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Team Collaboration Tools Can Help You: Identify Issues

When a website gets beyond a certain size or level of complexity, it quickly becomes impractical, not to mention completely tiresome, to manually identify each and every issue that may or may not exist. This is especially true for websites that are updated with any regularity or are being translated into a number of different languages.

Monsido’ Issue View function allows you to deal with website issues efficiently by adding them directly to any workflow processes and tools you currently use. The ability to seamlessly integrate web governance tasks into your existing framework will make your life a whole lot easier by ensuring that priorities are highly transparent and easy to keep track of for all relevant stakeholders.

Team Collaboration Tools Can Help You: Assign Tasks

Identifying website issues that need to be addressed is one thing, but ensuring that they get to the right team members to be fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible is quite another. Goodness knows it can be work enough to locate issues and areas for improvement on a website, let alone then also having to assign said issues to the right team members yourself manually. 

With automated web management functions like Monsido’s Filter by Role, you can be sure that the right person is assigned the right task every single time by assigning specific issues to them based on their area of responsibility.

Team Collaboration Tools Can Help You: Get to Issues Faster

When it comes to maintaining a functioning website, one of the things that can quickly become overwhelming is the question of how to effectively deal with related groups of issues that exist across different areas of your domain.

Assigning labels to page groups across your domain(s) solves this problem, helping the correct team members get directly to issues, even faster. Web Management features like Monsido’s Domain Group function allow you to group together various parts of your website that cannot otherwise be identified by a unique title, URL, or metadata. This makes it easier for those responsible to identify the work for which they are responsible.

Team Collaboration Tools Can Help You: Improve Accountability

Automated reporting improves team accountability and allows you to track your progress in reaching your overall website compliance and governance goals. With automated reporting, there is no reason why anyone should ever again be confused as to what they are responsible for, or their website’s overall level of progress in reaching compliance and governance goals.

Taking Team Collaboration Into The Future

While effective web team collaboration will always present some challenges that require a human touch, by using team collaboration tools, you can cut down your workload significantly. Indeed, allowing the heavy lifting to be done by digital tools not only improves individual focus, but can also give your teams the freedom to pursue more creative ideas, additional work, or even just - whisper it - relax a little!?

Take a step into the future of team collaboration today by automating your processes, simplifying your workflow, consolidating your tools and enhancing team management - all while simultaneously keeping track of your progress.   

Learn more about Monsido for Teams and discover tools that can help you reach your website goals.