4 Tips to Keep Your Agency and Freelancers Accountable

Simply having a contract doesn’t keep your freelancers and agency accountable on its own. After all the effort you went to with the agreements and implementation, as well as the cost, wouldn’t you want to make sure that they are:
  • Delivering on their promises;
  • Not missing critical errors that can turn away users and damage your brand; and
  • Using the most innovative and automated tools to do their work efficiently and effectively?

Consider these 4 tips on how to keep your agency and freelancers accountable

1. Enquire about what processes and tools your agency or freelancer uses

Have you asked what processes and tools your agency or freelancer uses? The more innovative and efficient their tools are, the more effective they will be in completing their work.

2. Revisit your agreements on updates, reporting, and input levels

As a client, you have the right to be as low or high maintenance as you like. Make sure you communicate your expectations around updates, reporting, and input levels. Usually this is done at the start of the process but it is also essential to revisit this to ensure you are getting what is agreed upon. As we’re human and sometimes communication gets missed, reviewing agreements is important. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.
Some questions to think about are:
  • What are the agreed deliverables?
  • How involved do you want to be in your freelancer’s or agency’s ‘every day’ tasks?
  • What process is in place for receiving regular updates?
  • Who in your side of the business should be included on reports and updates?
3. Review the frequency, detail, format, and distribution of reports

As your business and projects change, your requirements for reporting also change. Review the frequency, quality, format, and distribution of reports. For example, when reviewing the details of reports, think about what data you actually need and what will have an impact. It’s tempting to want to gather all available information, but sometimes it just adds to the noise and length of the report. Is a 20 report with everything or an 8-page report with the important parts going to be more useful and efficient for you? Everyone’s needs are different. Just think about what level of detail will help you the most.
4. Set clear goals and review them

Setting and reviewing goals is essential. You may have heard of SMART goals before. It’s a fantastic method to make sure you have clear goals. Implement these when setting goals with your agency and freelancers to set you up for success.
Make sure your goals are:

Easily set your SMART goals with our customizable SMART goals worksheet

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