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6 Misconceptions about Web Accessibility

Even though web accessibility isn’t a new concept, there hasn’t been much discourse about it over the years and the topic is often widely ignored as part of website development and strategy. Because of this, there are still a lot of pervasive misconceptions about web accessibility.  Some of these misconceptions actually hold businesses and organizations […]

Web Accessibility for Cognitive and Neurological Impairments

Of all of the types of disabilities which must be considered for web accessibility, neurological and cognitive disorders are the most diverse.   In general terms, these disorders involve impairment to any part of the nervous system.  People with these disorders may have trouble comprehending information, viewing information, making controlled movements, as well as many other […]

8 Crucial Website Quality Assurance Factors (and how to test for them)

When we talk about “website quality assurance,” it is usually in regards to the checklists of items and steps which go into creating a functional website before it gets launched: code standards, authoring tools,  validation methods…  But what a lot of people don’t realize is that website quality assurance is NOT over after you launch. […]