5 Most Common SEO Mistakes

Optimizing your website is an important part of digital marketing. As search engine algorithms continue to change, so should your SEO strategy. Top SEO rankings often correlate with great UX, quality content, and good accessibility.

To improve your SEO and see your site improve, try to avoid these five common SEO mistakes:

1. Optimizing the Wrong Keywords

Optimizing the correct keywords and optimizing the keywords you want your website to rank for are completely different views. You may want to describe your products in a certain way. Although, these descriptions may not be frequently used by, relevant to, or understood by your customers.

It is important to research before you start implementing SEO so you can optimize the right keywords. Avoid inserting exact wording which doesn’t fit the content and focusing on too many broad keywords. Consider brainstorming alternate keywords to the ones you originally thought of, segmenting keywords by geographical location and relevant segments, and auditing your keywords regularly to keep up with keyword trends and changing algorithms.

2. Creating Content for the Sake of Creating

We’ve all heard that producing regular content is important for increasing your brand’s exposure. Although, as we push for quantity, it can be easy to get caught in creating content for the sake of creating content. When this happens, content may not align with your overall SEO or marketing strategy, content that is not directly about your keywords can be created, and duplicate or plagiarized content can slip in. In a world of content overload, put a key focus on quality.

Most large institutional or enterprise websites are well-designed and may have great features. However, when it comes to content planning and organization, they usually fail miserably. This is a major problem for SEO.

3. Irregularly Auditing Your Website

A big mistake we make is by avoiding fixing the layering issues on our website as we are too focused on creating new content. It is important to regularly do a SEO audit on your website and digital content as keyword trends, algorithms, worlds trends, company data, and internal tools can change frequently.

Broken links, misspellings, oversized images, duplicated content, and unoptimized meta tags are common mistakes that can slip through the cracks. These mistakes not only affect your brands content credibility, but it also affects SEO. Investigate Web Governance, SEO, and content auditing tools to regularly monitor and automate fixing your website content.

4. Neglecting Title Tags, Image Alt Text, and
Meta Descriptions

Title tags, image alt text, and meta descriptions are a key element of SEO. They help search engines bots index your page better, let users find the relevant page for their needs, and increase accessibility. You can have great content with good keywords, but without the right tags and descriptions, the content will not perform as well.

5. Overlooking Analytics

You can only see if your SEO efforts are working if you follow their progress. Regularly analyzing your SEO analytics will ensure you are optimizing correctly and keeping up with changing trends and algorithms.

For detailed analytics, Google Analytics and Google Search Console about are the most common SEO analytics tools. For a more user-friendly platform which can be understood by the wider communications and digital team, Web Governance tools like Monsido are the way to go.
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